Dogging in Hampshire

Dogging in Hampshire has been around for several years, gone are the days when the ‘watchers’ would have to adopt a pet dog and take it for a walk in the local dogging, using that as a cover just in case they were spotted watching the action. In recent years, dogging in Hampshire has seen a dramatic increase in participants, both the watchers and the ones having sex, sometimes couples and sometimes groups of complete strangers who have all arranged to meet up at the same time for group sex, often swapping partners as the night continues.

The most popular way to get involved with dogging in Hampshire is on the internet. Pick any adult dating site, not the match maker one, I mean the real adult ones that advertised their services as ‘want to fuck girl in your area?’ sign up with them and start reading the user profiles and then you will see exactly what I mean. Dogging in Hampshire is getting so popular nowadays that it is one of the top ways to get involved in consensual, no strings attached sex with complete strangers.

So if you want to get involved in dogging in Hampshire there are a few things you need to know. Firstly how do you find out when there is a meet on and where it is? Browse the adult dating sites and you will find many couples and singles advertising the next meet but they usually only give you the time, not the location. This is to ensure that the participants will not get busted, after all, dogging and any act of outraging public decency is still considered an offence under the law. You are unlikely to get arrested but it certainly puts a damper on the evening if the boys in blue turn up!

To find out where the next dogging in Hampshire meet is you will have to ask. Contact the advertisers, tell them a little bit about yourself to convince them you are not the local pervert and you will most likely score an invite. If you are a first timer, my advice would be to go along and watch first so as you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If it appeals you can always join in but please make sure you ask first, rather than just presuming it is OK.

Dogging in Hampshire is turning into a great British pastime with many active participants who are just looking for some sexual gratification. If you would like to get involved, follow my advice and you could soon be taking part in the next meet. One last thing, don’t forget to take some condoms, we want to keep everyone safe and you will need to take several if you really want to get right in with the action.